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Contact Center Vendors :

Root cause of a business success lies in the satisfaction of the customer. Hence enterprises are focusing on customer satisfaction as their core business point. In order to achieve this, enterprises found the solution of contact centers.

Earlier, manual intervention was needed to answer customer queries. The latest trends show that voice alone is substituted with voice and data converged solutionsThe acceptance of the new technology depends on its ease of up-gradation from the available one and on the cost.

Contact Center Vendors hence need to consider an open standard device, which can function with the older versions and also with the upcoming technology driven latest versions. The real success of enterprises by adapting IP telephony solution is based on how much the user benefited by implementing the solution to their current business model and customer relation management.


Access Networks SmartIPBX comprises of access networks soft switch and user interfaces. It uses open standard IP protocol, which helps the customer to choose equipment vendors as per the requirement. Implemented with JTAPI hence flexibility to integrate with current available business solution. System can be configured with initiative web based configuration manager.


SmartVoice answers the core point of enterprises. SmartVoice helps the enterprises to reduce the cost incurred on customer support at the same time managing the customer satisfaction at 100 percent. It reduces the call management and call handling cost. Enterprises can run a wide range of voice applications that can satisfy each and every customerís query to the core. These solutions can be handled even after office hours.


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