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Health & Pharma Industry:

The backbone of mankind is the PHARMA industry. Today nobody lives without medicine. Even new entries into the world do need medicine for precautions. Pharma industries need a fast and reliable communication medium to enhance their R&D works.

R&D needs sharing of information even beyond corporate walls. Rising costs and industry complexities have put pharma industries under enormous pressure to share information. The fast driving technology has tended helping hands for the pharma industry to share information in low cost and in reduced cycle time.

R&D department needs the enhanced technology to suite their available resources so that there is no chance for corruption in the available data. The technology should be easily adaptable and opera-table, which does not require any specific skilled labors for operating.

Access Networks helps the pharma industry by providing a means for high-speed communication through IP, the most commonly used standard. Internet Telephony is the highly available mean of high-speed communication, which converges voice, data and multimedia.


SmartIPBX consists Soft switch and user interfaces. SmartIPBX supports integrated voice mail features. Provides basic PBX features such as call forwarding, call holding, call pickup etc. Implemented with JTAPI hence integration of third party applications are possible. SmartIPBX helps the pharma industry to communicate even beyond the corporate walls with low cost.


SmartVoice provides auto response functions. It helps to read the web page contents, which does not require any manpower to answer the call. It supports IP based IVR technology. SmartVoice helps the pharma industry to share information even after office hours, which reduces the cycle time of the product, thereby matching the demand of the customers.


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