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Mobile Operators :

Today Mobile Operators need to provide enhanced value added services to their customers to maximize both revenue per subscriber and return on current investment by optimizing network utilization. Innovative, portable and sticky services are needed to remain competitive in today's evolving markets. Operators need solutions that help you unlock the residual value of your network while maintaining the security and integrity of the network at all times.

Voice access to information is giving rise to new service models and a host of new revenue opportunities today. Access Networks offers a standards-based platform that supports a variety of business-centric applications on a common, centrally managed infrastructure. Service Providers immediately realize incremental revenue while reducing operational costs and virtually eliminate capital expenditures related to next generation networks.

Net-MOBILE Suite gives mobile subscribers

  • Access to critical business information including corporate directories, personal contacts, appointments and email that reside behind corporate firewalls.
  • To stay connected anywhere, anytime. Net-MOBILE Suite is the revolution that rings true - just talk, it’s that easy.
  • No need of 3G devices.
  • Receive and send messages and contact information through any phone using voice commands.

Implementing Access Networks’ robust, open standards, VoiceXML platform enables Service Providers

  • To maximize revenue using their current investment
  • Seamlessly transition to the future.
  • Cost-effective scalability.
  • Flexibility to grow - at the speed the market demands.
  • Seamless integration and lower costs
  • No need to purchase of 3G devices or telephony equipment


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