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NetMobile [Solution for Mobile OPS]:

NetMOBILE Suite gives mobile subscribers secure multi modal remote access to critical business information including corporate directories, personal contacts, appointments and email that reside behind corporate firewalls. NetMOBILE enables mobile professionals to stay connected anywhere, anytime. NetMOBILE Suite is the revolution that rings true - just talk itís that easy.

NetMOBILE Suite includes two services: Easy CALL and Easy Personal Assistant. Utilizing leading voice recognition technology, Easy CALL enables users to dial a telephone number or look up people on their personal contact list or corporate directories - all by simply speaking naturally into the telephone. Easy Personal Assistant offers users the ability to use their voice and spoken commands to retrieve scheduled appointments from Microsoft Outlook while they are away from their desktop computers.

NetMOBILE Suite Solution Highlights

Revenue ready Service Provider solution

Voice access to information is giving rise to new service models and a host of new revenue opportunities today. Access Networks offers a standards-based platform that supports a variety of business-centric applications on a common, centrally managed infrastructure. Service Providers immediately realize incremental revenue while reducing operational costs and virtually eliminate capital expenditures related to next generation networks.

Reliable, scalable and flexible solution

Implementing on Access Networks robust, open standards, VoiceXML platform enables Service Providers to maximize their current investment and seamlessly transition to the future. NetMOBILE suite runs on distributed architecture for comprehensive testability, cost-effective scalability. This enables enterprises to realize the advantages of a fully redundant, reliable, network-based solution, while maintaining control of their enterprise data. NetMOBILE suite provides Service Providers with the flexibility to grow - at the speed the market demands.

Seamless integration and lower costs

NetMOBILE solution integrates with existing messaging, network signaling and transport elements, creating new revenue streams over existing network infrastructures. NetMOBILE does not require the purchase of 3G devices or telephony equipment by the Service Provider.

Service differentiation

NetMOBILE offers true multi modality today. By establishing multi-channel communications, mobile professionals can receive and send messages and contact information through any phone using voice commands.

Enterprise Benefits

  • Access to personal information management (PIM) tools and corporate directories
  • Highly secure environment
  • Enterprise data resides behind corporate firewall
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Increased employee productivity

NetMOBILE Suite Feature Summary

  • Voice Dial - Mobile subscribers can simply say the name of anyone in their Microsoft Outlook or in their corporate directories.
  • Calendar and Appointments - Using simple voice commands, users can conveniently retrieve appointments for the current day, a particular day of the week or for a specific date.
  • Notification. Users can receive notification of appointments and changes to their calendar via SMS.
  • Voice and DTMF Input - NetMOBILE suite supports an intuitive touchtone command set. Users can always get to their data - even under noisy conditions.

    Multi-modality - Leveraging SMS, users can send Outlook-based information such as contact addresses, telephone numbers, appointments and email as text messages to their SMS-enabled phones, and to others in their contacts list. Additionally, users can send content to individual email addresses.


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