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PBX Vendors :

Increasing productivity, saving costs and simplifying network management are key objectives of almost all the organizations. IP technology delivers this and more by providing a robust alternative to circuit-switched telephony solutions, radically improving the way your organization operates in the process.

The technology benefits of voice and data convergence are many, but the speed at which organizations adopt to technology is dependent on access to inexpensive converged systems. Enterprises are looking to migrate their existing traditional PBX to an IP-based system, rather than undertake a complete overhaul of their voice infrastructure.

The real benefit of migrating to IP telephony solution is based on how much the user benefits by implementing the solution to their current business model and CRM customer relation management solution. Implementing value added services such as after office hour support, interactive voice response capability, and various call routing methods to simplify complications PBX vendors must therefore provide a clear migration strategy for their customers voice equipment. They will also have to provide innovative converged business applications on their systems to appeal to an enterprise looking to switch to an IP-enables system. This infrastructure will also need to be flexible, so that systems can be incorporated into various enterprise environments and new systems can be introduced without interoperability issues. The system should work with any third party application etc.


Access Networks SmartIPBX comprises of SoftSwitch and user interface. Customers are free to choose equipment vendors as per the requirement. Implement standard Java Telephony API, flexibility to integrate with existing Billing and customer care applications at minimum time. System can be configured using intuitive Web based configuration manager. Hence there is no need for a skilled person for maintenance and configuration of PBX system.


Access Networks SmartVoice helps enterprises to reduce customer support costs and provide enhanced customer care by automating personal information requests. SmartVoice reduces call management and handling costs and increase customer satisfaction by automating common inquiries. Customers can quickly and easily get the relevant information using simple voice commands from any telephone .The enterprises run wide range of voice application these are utilized by the customers in business hours or even after business hour.


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