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Products and solutions

In today's demanding economic business environment, IT investment is judged on one simple criterion - will it make a difference to the bottom line? IP telephony is a proven technology that does away with costly separate networks, improves employee productivity and reduces capital and operational expenditure, while offering potential for future innovation to boot.

Why SmartIPBX and SmartVoice?

Forward-thinking managers are meeting these demands by replacing or integrating PBX-based telephony systems with IP-centric networks - delivering genuine competitive advantage in the process.

SmartIPBX is a high-performance stable technology that delivers all the functionality of a PBX system and helps organizations meet growing voice, data and video needs. IP telephony is new era to adopt third party application, organization specific application and office automation application.

Crucially, IP solutions put the network at the heart of business strategy, helping organizations identify new ways to generate revenue, reduce operational costs and increase organizational flexibility.

SmartVoice provides auto attend futures for customer management. It includes VXML interpreter, which supports web driven applications. Open standard of SmartVoice enable them to be integrated with various TTS and ASRs.

You should invest in SmartIPBX if you:

  • are building a new office or moving
  • are nearing the end of a lease/support contract for PBX or Centrex
  • need to upgrade your network
  • lack capacity on current voice network
  • invested heavily in a Quality of Service-enabled data infrastructure
    or you are:
  • being restricted by your current voice infrastructure
  • spending unnecessarily on two networks
  • deploying a Customer Relationship Management solution
  • employing technology for everyday tasks designed to generate revenue or improve customer service
    Advantages of our solution:
  • flexible application deployment across the enterprise
  • increased personal and work group productivity
  • scalability, reliability and future proofing
  • improved customer care
  • innovative applications that can create genuine competitive advantage
  • reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and rapid Return on Investment
  • interactive voice response capability
  • supports integrated voice mail features
  • supports after office business managements
  • operating system independent so we can choose any operating system

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