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SmartSwitch [Softswitch]:

SmartSwitch is an intelligent, software based telephony system designed specifically for carriers to offer hosted business communication services to their customers. SmartSwitch enable carriers to save costs by migrating to a more efficient network infrastructure. It also enables carriers to offer bundled multi services offerings using a common infrastructure and facilitate rapid deployment of new services at lower costs than traditional PSTN networks.

Distributed Architecture:

SmartSwitch is implemented in a distributed fashion as defined by the industry standards. This distributed architecture is opposed to the traditional centralized manner. Distributed architecture provides a variety of benefits such as system redundancy, increased scalability etc.

SmartSwitch distributed architecture allows multiple instances of SmartSwitch to be controlled by the server software module. The SmartSwitch server monitors each and every instance and restarts if any individual instance fails. SmartSwitch server moves all of the instances to a backup server if any abnormal conditions occur and restore the service.

SmartSwitch software runs on a server cluster located in a carrier’s data center. This cluster can provide Call control and Switching functionality over a broadband IP network to thousands of service subscribers.

Open Standard:

SmartSwitch is a truly open standard design technology. It implements MGCP and SIP protocols. Customers can use inexpensive media gateway, which adopts standard protocol such as MGCP for connecting analog telephones to IP service. Customers can also use next generation IP telephones. SmartSwitch connects to the PSTN and the long distance IP backbone through a SIP gateway.

SmartSwitch system is designed to be extraordinarily flexible. SmartSwitch has two abstraction layers one between the core I-PBX and the other between the telephone equipment. System can be configured using intuitive web based configuration manager. Hence there is no need for a skilled person to maintain and configure the system. The web interface provides control of phone number block assignment, dial plans, service provisioning, and SmartSwitch status and network topology.

SmartSwitch implements standard JAVA Telephony API. This provides flexibility to integrated with existing billing or external billing, voicemail, interactive voice response, automatic call response, automatic call distribution, auto attendants, directory services and OSS (operation, service and support) at minimum time. Carriers can integrate with any third party application using JTAI interface to directly control SmartSwitch.


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