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SmartVoice [IVR]:

Access Networks SmartVoice helps companies reduce customer support costs and provides enhanced customer care by automating personal information requests. SmartVoice reduces call center costs and increases customer satisfaction by automating common inquiries. Customers can quickly and easily get the relevant information using simple voice commands from any telephone

SmartVoice is built on an open, standards-based architecture that supports scalable nodes for processing speech, running applications, creating services, administering systems, and integrating with back-end services. SmartVoice transforms traditional Interactive Voice Response model into a voice-enabled, web-driven and customizable self-service application. It implements standard Internet technologies.

This Voice Web Application provides all the IVR functionality, including advanced speech-enable or touch-tone self-service. This IVR support mobility - Anywhere, Anytime using Internet protocol technology. SmartVoice application provides enterprises deploy their contact center, online customer relationship management and business productivity solutions as web-driven voice applications that are accessible by telephone

Voice applications can be integrated with existing web investments. This also helps enterprises deliver a more efficient caller experience. The enterprises can adjust the IVR menus and customized marketing messages to suit their requirements.

Application Oriented Solution:

SmartVoice provides rich functionality, speed and flexibility using standard Internet protocols. This supports call handling, media management and user interaction capabilities. This implements extensible Markup Language (XML) and VoiceXML scripts for the telephony functionalities.

Customer interaction applications can be created in an unified web development environment. Enterprises can share their business rules, applications, customer database access and back office integrations by saving time and money, and providing customers with a more consistent experience across all media.

SmartVoice allows greetings, text prompts, informational messages, music, etc. to be stored as voice files. These recordings are played to callers at the direction of the enterprise application. The application can present callers with menus of options and accept requests via touch-tone or spoken natural language of input.

SmartVoice provides enterprises with a user-friendly, cost-effective and consistent customer service solution that can mirror a live employee and deliver in real-time

SmartVoice allows service providers to offer speech recognition capability on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing enterprise customers to experiment with speech-enabled applications and assess its effectiveness without huge infrastructure investments or licensing fees.


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