Speech Technology

Access Networks provides design, development and engineering services on Speech (VoiceXML) technologies.

VoiceXML is the open, standards-based development language for voice-driven solutions. It’s endorsed by W3C.

Today number of carriers and enterprises around the world use VoiceXML for customer care and enhanced service applications.

VoiceXML is a voice-enabled markup language that allows voice browsing over HTTP. It is based on the Extensible Markup Language (XML). XML is a framework for the creation of markup languages. VoiceXML is one of many markup languages that have been created based on XML. XML is ideally suited to creating languages that:

  • Create documents that are interpreted and processed by machines (rather than humans)
  • Create documents that are reusable
  • Are extensible

VoiceXML is a phone markup language that can be used for voice applications that provide phone access to content and information. With VoiceXML, specially developed web sites can respond to inbound calls using text-to-speech, audio prompts, and commands spoken by the caller. Our Software and framework are developed as reusable modules.

We have implemented the following modules:

  • SIP interface – Call control functionalities
  • RTP interface – Media transmission
  • XML parser – DOM interface
  • HTTP fetcher – parse XML pages
  • VoiceXML interpreter – runs the interpreter on the fetched VoiceXML pages
  • Text-to-speech converter and Speech recognization

Our software and framework are open standard hence more customizable to suit specific requirements.