Access Networks provides design, development and engineering services on Voiceover IP (VoIP) technologies.

VoIP is the emerging technology of sending packetized voice over the network using the Internet protocol. Transmitting voice-over packet networks lowers costs of billing and also provides easy integration of value added features in the upper layer of VoIP applications

The VoIP network models currently endorsed by the International Softswitch Consortium (ISC) and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) favour call transport using the MGCP (Megaco) or H.323 SIP protocols. Access networks implemented MGCP (Media Gateway Control Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) in SmartSwitch.

Our Software and framework are developed as reusable modules. We have expertise in :

Media Communication

  • Encoding/Decoding
  • Encryption
  • Authentication
  • Transmission Management (Timer Management)
  • Network Programming
  • Protocol Stacks

We have worked/working on the following stacks as well…

  • MGCP
  • SIP
  • H323
  • RTP

All stacks are more customizable to suit any specific customer requirement